Ravenhead dates back to a factory based at St Helens in North West England in 1842, an area renowned for its glassmaking. Primarily producing bottles, Ravenhead in the 1930s branched out into domestic tableware such as bowls, jugs and drinking glasses.

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In the 1970s, Ravenhead was in its hey-day. It was the largest maker of table glass in the UK and was exporting to over 100 countries, producing 200 million glasses per year. During this time, leading designers created much-loved ranges such as Siesta, Barmaster, Elegance, White Fire, Apollo & Solar. In 1973, Ravenhead produced the well-known blue Vicks pots and Milk of Magnesia bottles for the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to Ravenhead’s first TV advertising campaign in 1972, its popularity grew and items such as the best-selling White Fire range were commonly requested as wedding gifts and remarkable sales followed.

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Ravenhead History

Viners has a long and illustrious history as a family of silversmiths in the UK since the late 19th century. Establishing their first manufacturing business in 1908 in Sheffield, specialising in plated holloware, they were one of the first businesses to introduce new cutting edge production techniques.

After the First World War, Viners diversified into cutlery production and became leading cutlers within the marketplace. Viners were the first cutlers to utilise real marketing strategies; specifically designed packaging and advertising campaigns led to Viners being the most recognised cutlery brand in the UK.

With a clear directive for innovative design, Viners employed eminent designers to create classic designs that can still be found in homes today. The iconic Studio range still exists within the Viners portfolio today and continues to be one of our most popular and expanding designs within the range. Today Viners is focused on building the brand and developing leading exclusive designs.