At the Rayware Group you will find a number of much-loved brands, each offering different styles of products.

Mason Cash- Originating in the 1800s Mason Cash is a heritage brand best known for its iconic cane and white mixing bowl. This instantly recognizable brand now includes a wide range of kitchen and baking products.

Kilner- The home of the original Kilner jar, Kilner was first invented in the 1840s. Since then the product range has grown to include bottles, drinkware and home brew items alongside the more traditional clip top and preserve jars.

Typhoon- Starting out as a small company with a philosophy to bring Asian products to a British market, Typhoon now offers a wide selection of design-led kitchenware at affordable prices.

Price & Kensington- Dating back to 1896, Price & Kensington are historically known and loved for their teapots. Over the years the range has developed to include a wide selection of collectable ranges and accessories.

Ravenhead- With its enviable reputation for high quality glassware that combines strength with durability, Ravenhead now includes a selection of stylish drinking glasses, serving bowls and oven to tableware: Ravenhead truly offers glassware for any occasion.

Viners- With over a century of cutlery manufacturing experience, Viners is a highly distinguished, trusted and much loved brand, steeped in British heritage.

At The Rayware Group, we pride ourselves on offering products for every taste, every home and every pocket!