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Bake Like a Royal With Mason Cash

Four generations of British Royals have been photographed together baking delicious Christmas puddings for the “Together at Christmas” initiative launched by the Royal British Legion.

As a design classic that has been used in the kitchen for decades by generations of the same family, Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowls are made from high quality, chip-resistant earthenware making them heavy enough to stand when mixing, yet light enough to hold comfortably in one arm. The distinct patterned exterior and rim of the bowl has been designed to help bakers grip and tip the bowl and has become synonymous with the brand and baking ever since.

As classic and recognisable as the Mixing Bowls, no household would be complete without the traditional white Mason Cash Pudding Basin. Home and professional cooks have been steaming puddings in the basins for so long that they have also become design classics. The Mason Cash Pudding Basins blend high quality earthenware with a perfectly functional design and are available in seven sizes.

Royal Family Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

Royal Family Mason Cash Mixing Bowls